Brightcove Product Overview

This topic provides a brief summary of the products offered by Brightcove.

Brightcove documentation is organized by product. Brightcove also offers product bundles such as Video Marketing Suite or Enterprise Video Suite which contain one or more products. When using the documentation, you should search on the specific product you are working with vs. searching for a product suite.

Video Cloud

Brightcove Video Cloud is an all-in-one video hosting and publishing platform that reaches your audience with ease. Video Cloud makes it easy to upload, manage and publish videos. Easily create and style players and review the performance of the videos in your account.

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Gallery enables you to deliver immersive video experiences. You can create custom interactive video experiences, branded portals, video-centric landing pages, and live streaming event sites, in minutes.

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Brightcove Player

The Brightcove Player is a high-performance, cross-platform HTML5-first video player that loads quickly, delivers high-quality adaptive bitrate HLS video across desktop and mobile platforms, and integrates with your favorite advertising and analytics systems.

Key features

  • HTML5 First - The UI of the new Brightcove Player is written entirely in HTML5, and relies on Flash only on older browsers, enabling a consistent look and behavior across mobile and desktop devices.
  • Responsive - The default player skin is responsive by default and will automatically resize to fit changing web layouts, while maintaining the aspect ratio of the video.
  • Fast Load - With instant load and extremely fast time to first frame, viewers are immediately engaged with your content.
  • Easy customization using standard web technologies (CSS and JavaScript)
  • Cross-platform HLS - High-quality, adaptive bitrate video even on platforms that do not have native HLS capability - delivers the best quality with the least download.
  • Player Management - Easily keep track of player configuration and make changes to styles and plugins either through Video Cloud or the new Player Management API. Easily update players across your site without changing the code for each page.
  • Ad and Analytics Integration - Many plugins are available for the Brightcove Player to integrate with popular advertising and analytics systems including Google Doubleclick, Freewheel and others.

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Brightcove Beacon

Brightcove Beacon is a platform which enables you to create and configure a single media streaming experience which is then used across multiple devices. With Brightcove Beacon you can curate your content, implement monetization strategies, and design viewer experiences. In doing so, you can:

  • Greatly reduce overall costs. The costs of developing apps for each platform are considerable, anywhere from $50K-$250K for a custom app targeted at just ONE platform. Brightcove Beacon allows creation of multiple apps from a single configured experience.
  • Provide a consistent experience for viewers across all platforms.
  • Allow monetization of video content via options like AVOD and SVOD.

Apps can be generated to run on the following four device types (some specific examples included):

  • Mobile (Phone / Tablets)
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Connected TVs
    • Android TV
    • Apple TV
    • Fire TV
    • Roku
  • Smart TVs
    • Samsung
    • Sony
    • Toshiba
  • Web

Not only do you get multiple device apps from a single source, but Brightcove Beacon also allows you to control the content and layout for each device app from your single Brightcove Beacon Experience.

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The Live module can be used to help you broadcast a live event to both desktop and mobile devices. After entering your event information into the Live module, you will be provided with a set of encoder settings that you plug into your on-site encoder. All transcoding is done in the cloud so you don't need a hardware based transcoder.

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Brightcove Social allows you to easily publish videos in your Video Cloud account out to popular social medial platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Videos can be published manually or using Auto Sync. Auto Sync is used to automatically synchronize videos to social media channels based upon the tags that are associated with a video.

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The Campaign module connects individual video viewing analytics from Brightcove to Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and other marketing automation platforms. In addition, our Audience API enables partners and customers to retrieve the same MAP-related data for delivery to any data storage or processing platform of their choice. In both instances, Brightcove enables digital marketers to measure the impact of video to engage audiences on a personalized level and drive conversion.

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Audience Insights

Brightcove Audience Insights provides deep insights into your viewers, with metrics on subscribers, registered users, and general users to help you run your business effectively.

The Insights Scorecard is the leading Audience Insights Platform that delivers unique, data-driven insights for video businesses. Providing improved visibility into your customers, subscribers, and members. Guiding your decisions with Industry benchmarks across a variety of key metrics. Driving results with your data by improving audience acquisition, service engagement, and reducing churn. Our Customer Success team does the heavy lifting. Making onboarding easy and sharing industry best practices so you’re set up for success.

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Brightcove Interactivity

Brightcove Interactivity allows you to add many kinds of interactivity to players, including CTAs, chapters, click-to-buy, branching, and polls.

Give viewers the ultimate control over content and watch engagement rates, and leads soar. Let your audience choose their own adventure with chaptering, branching, and polling for a personalized experience that will keep them engaged from the moment they hit your site.

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Brightcove Zencoder offers a fast, simple and powerful cloud video transcoding solution that easily scales to your needs. With Zencoder's video encoding API, you’ll seamlessly integrate your application with our extremely fast and scalable encoding platform in hours not weeks. Our well-documented API, easy-to-use API request builder, integration libraries, and dedicated support streamline the process for a solution that is beautifully simple.

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Brightcove’s SSAI technology dynamically stitches ads into your streams on the server so both the content and ads are delivered as one continuous stream. This approach lets you deliver ads to any device that can play video, improves the viewer’s experience by eliminating buffering and other ad insertion artifacts, and boosts your revenue by managing ad blockers.

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OTT Flow

Brightcove OTT Flow, powered by Accedo, lowers the technical complexity and go-to-market barriers associated with launching a beautiful, multi-platform OTT service. Brightcove Video Cloud provides the backbone of OTT Flow with its industry-leading video player, ingestion, transcoding, metadata management, and SDKs. Accedo Studio Pro reduces maintenance costs, enables engaging user experiences and full management control of an OTT service across platforms from a central cloud-based dashboard.

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Brightcove CorpTV enables you to easily create a streaming service that can be delivered across multiple devices. Beyond designing your viewer experience and curating content, you can Search Engine Optimize the streaming service and collect first party viewer data that is sent to your Marketing Automation Platform.

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