Brightcove Videos on Roku Trick Play

Roku requires any VOD content longer than 15 minutes to be accompanied by images. In this topic you will learn how to generate those images for your Video Cloud videos.

What you need to do

For Trick Play support on Roku devices, Brightcove can generate HLS or DASH-standard thumbnail tiles, as specified by the Roku documentation. Please contact your account manager to have this enabled for your account.

How it works

Once enabled, Brightcove's Dynamic Delivery system will include these images automatically in the HLS file or the DASH manifest, with no additional configuration needed on the Brightcove side. The trick play images will be loaded and displayed by Roku's default controls when seeking. Additional development work is needed for custom controls.

For additional information on channel certification requirements and implementation details, consult Roku's developer documentation.

What is supported?

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) with mid-roll ads is supported for both HLS and DASH files.